recruiter roundtable: designing an awesome candidate experience

What does candidate experience look like in 2021? For many of our vacancies, we now have so many candidates that it could be easy to treat them like a commodity, “Sandra, nip over to the job board and get me five more data analysts”. For other roles, the skills shortage is still very apparent and you need to ensure you motivate these semi-passive candidates to apply. Regardless, of whether you are swimming in candidates or disgruntled hiring managers with no one to interview, we should all want to design a great candidate experience because candidates deserve to be treated fairly.

Our co-founder, Adrian McDonagh will be hosting a digital recruiter roundtable event (think Q&A with lots of practical advice) with 3 experienced recruiters who will be sharing their own experiences and trying hard to answer all your questions.

Our recruiters will be sharing:

  • How the lockdown has forced them to change their candidate journey and what lessons they have learned that they plan to maintain after the lockdown.
  • How they decide what parts of the candidate lifecycle to automate and what parts to add more of a personal touch to.
  • Their view of what the best candidates demand of them from a candidate experience?
  • How they look to help potential applicants who are at the pre-apply research phase with content on their Careers site, Glassdoor, Social Media, etc.

is this webinar for me?

Here at hireful, we’re all about helping ‘everyday’ organisations compete with the top brands for talent. So if you’re an HR professional or in-house recruiter at a company with under 5000 staff, this webinar is made for you.

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your trainer

Adrian McDonagh

Co-Founder at hireful

Adrian founded hireful in 2005, ran his first workshop in 2009 and hasn’t been seen back at hireful HQ since. Seriously though, Adrian loves training almost as much as he loves working out how best to utilise recruitment websites like Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn. Over the past 10 years, he’s trained over 10,000 HR professionals gathering insights and feedback that he’s repackaged as his own original ideas. He’d love to write a book on recruitment but struggles to write a daily update to his LinkedIn followers.

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the recruiters

Emily Knights – Talent Manager
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Anna Griffin – Recruitment Officer
Newport City Homes
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Matthew Parker – Recruitment EMEA
Culture AMP
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