keeping your team mentally strong as we leave lockdown

As we’re living in this new ‘normal’ there’s a bunch of new things to get used to. And it’s important we’re aware of the impact these changes can have on mental health, so we don’t put anyone’s wellbeing at risk whilst we’re finding our feet.

Jodie Hill from Thrive Law will be joining us for a session full of ‘proactive over reactive’ ways you can monitor and support your team’s mental health. We’ll be covering:

  • How to introduce and execute impactful wellbeing risk assessments
  • Training your staff on mental health awareness
  • The importance of communication

is this webinar for me?

Here at hireful, we’re all about helping ‘everyday’ organisations compete with the top brands for talent. So if you’re an HR professional or in-house recruiter at a company with under 5000 staff, this webinar is made for you.

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Jodie Hill

Thrive Law

Jodie originally trained as a barrister and cross-qualified to a solicitor. Following her own mental breakdown in 2017, she set up Thrive Law in 2018 in order to ensure everyone can Thrive in the workplace. Thrive is now multi award winning, being recognised for their commitment to diversity and inclusion and social mobility. She is an advocate for mental health and has the #One Mind campaign to ensure mental health risk assessments are mandatory in all workplaces.

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