is your business a youth friendly employer?

We’ll be joined by Laura-Jane from Youth Employment to share her insights on what makes a ‘Youth Friendly Employer’ and how your business can harness their talent and potential as part of your ongoing recruitment strategies.

Here’s what will be covered:

  • Youth employment- the current picture and challenges
  • What good youth employment looks like
  • Young people and the development of the Good Youth Employment Charter
  • Further help and support

is this webinar for me?

Here at hireful, we’re all about helping ‘everyday’ organisations compete with the top brands for talent. So if you’re an HR professional or in-house recruiter at a company with under 5000 staff, this webinar is made for you.

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hireful’s webinars are sponsored by:

Laura-Jane Rawlings

Youth Employment UK

Laura-Jane has worked for many years in the recruitment sector, she has seen the challenges facing young people leaving education and the issues of the employment community. This is why Laura-Jane founded Youth Employment UK. Laura-Jane is a passionate campaigner for youth employment and the rights for all young people to access quality employment and have their voices heard on the issues that affect them. Laura-Jane believes that it is for all of us to create a youth friendly society so that young people can fulfill their potential.

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