what HR software is right for my team and business?

Is your HR software no longer fit for purpose or can it not keep up with your future plans? Maybe you’re using spreadsheets, or have no HR software at all? However you manage your people processes, if it’s not working as you would like, then it’s time to review.

What features do you absolutely need to keep? And which would you like to change or improve? By understanding the reasons that you need to change, it becomes much easier to define the criteria for a new solution.

Join us on 27th January as we quiz Caroline Gammon, HCM Market Specialist at IRIS, on her experience of implementing HR, Payroll, Recruitment and Talent Management software in SME’s and Enterprise organisations. Caroline will provide guidance and advice on how to compare systems, how to drill down on what you are looking for in a solution and how to get stakeholder buy-in.

is this webinar for me?

Here at hireful, we’re all about helping ‘everyday’ organisations compete with the top brands for talent. So if you’re an HR professional or in-house recruiter at a company with under 5000 staff, this webinar is made for you.

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Caroline Gammon

HCM Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group

Caroline’s has had an extensive international HR career working for large multi-national organisations and SME’s in senior HR roles. Managing digital transformation and streamlining HR processes has been a key focus for Caroline throughout her career, and on this journey, she became a strong customer advocate for CascadeHR.

Today Caroline is focused on supporting IRIS develop and deliver market leading HCM solutions that meet the current and future needs of HR colleagues and business leaders.

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Mike Blackburn

Head of Sales, IRIS Software Group

Mike earned an MBA from Berkely Haas – University of California and started his sales career working in the West Coast telecoms market. From there he moved into software and has held several Head of Sales / CSO roles throughout his career delivering successful software growth projects focusing on the HCM space.
Today Mike is responsible for delivering the HCM number at IRIS, by shaping and delivering the HCM go to market plan.

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