episode 8 - wrestling with onboarding during the lockdown with Simon Connell (Webonboarding)

This episode is an interview with Simon Connell from Webonboarding.

Simon recently presented a guest webinar for us and since the lockdown has made onboarding an even hotter topic than normal, I twisted his arm to join me for an “expert episode” on all things onboarding for the SUB1000 podcast too.

We had a great conversation that started with the revelation that Simon’s passion outside of work is wrestling (hence the title of the episode). We covered lots of interesting ground in the onboarding arena, including:

  • Simon’s tips on how to build an onboarding process from scratch
  • How some organisations are onboarding their staff completely remotely during the lockdown
  • How candidate expectations are changing and what this means for how you onboard new employees
  • The growing trend of more and more organisations offering welcome packs to new employees
  • New hire surveys and why surveying is key to understanding what is working and what needs improvement

You can connect with Simon here, and see more from Webonboarding on their website.

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