episode 6 - background checking with Martin Price (Secure Screening Services)

This episode is an interview with Martin Price, Co-Founder at Secure Screening Services.

This is the first of many “expert” interviews that we plan to fit into the podcast. Martin’s area of expertise is background checking. This can sound like a slightly dull subject but bear with us, Martin has a very interesting background and operates his business differently to the rest of the market.

Some of the items we discussed in this episode include:

  • Martin’s early career in the Police force, booting in doors with the Drug Squad.
  • Transitioning over to an Intelligence focused role within the Police.
  • How the Police uses “Open Source Research” techniques to gather intelligence on criminals.
  • How Martin’s company delivers “Open Source Research” whilst maintaining a high ethical standard.
  • When and where to use background checking, including an interesting story of how Martin hired and then arrested his fraudulent dog walker!

You can connect with Martin on LinkedIn and take a look at the Secure Screening Services website here.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Martin’s dog tracker: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tractive-Lightweight-waterproof-tracking-unlimited/dp/B00F8A1ZBA/

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