episode 4 - ‘Values Trumps Strategy’ with Sean Greathead (Mapp)

This episode is an interview with Sean Greathead, Director of People & Talent at Mapp (c.310 staff).

It was obvious that our chat with Sean was going to be interesting after he revealed his first billable task in HR: firing two people who got into a physical fight over an apple danish!

His career spans several continents and many more sectors. Since joining Mapp in 2016, he has set about helping them build a values-based business with a truly authentic approach to working with employees and customers.

This ‘values-based’ ideology was at the heart of everything we spoke about during the podcast:

  • How Mapp set about building a values-based business.
  • Turning ‘Blue Monday’ on its head
  • Taking back control of recruitment – how Mapp reduced their reliance on agencies to source new hires. 
  • Encouraging interviewers to rely on their instincts when making post-interview decisions, while also drilling down into those instincts to uncover evidence and lessen the risk of unconscious bias.
  • Why staff’s high ‘social engagement’ leads to open and direct feedback.
  • Sean’s two favourite interview questions (which Adrian has started using himself).

You can connect with Sean on LinkedIn, and take a look at Mapp’s career opportunities on their website.

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