episode 3 - hacking the candidate/new hire experience with Ellie Brown (Oodle Car Finance)

For our third installment, we sat down with Ellie Brown. Ellie is Head of People Ops at Oodle Car Finance, a company that employs around 300 staff.

Ellie grew up in Oxfordshire and left school at eighteen as so many of us do – without a set career path. She was, however, abundantly clear that she didn’t want to go to university, so it was rather ironic that she swiftly proceeded to secure an HR apprenticeship at Oxford University.

She eventually moved into the tech world with Adestra before joining Oodle, who were recently awarded 14th place in the Times Best Companies to Work for 2020.

As always, we covered plenty in our latest episode:

  • How Ellie got her current job by drawing up a list of the tech companies she wanted to work with in Oxford and reaching out to their CEOs directly. 
  • How a great first interview and one highly personalised gesture convinced her that Oodle was the company for her. 
  • Using Zapier and GetFeedback to build a low-cost pulse survey to help ‘temperature check’ staff.
  • Systemising the candidate and onboarding experience, whilst also building in time for people to personalise each person’s experience.  
  • Cultivating a business culture built on open feedback with weekly team meetings and quarterly ‘town hall’ meetings for the entire company to ask questions of the senior leadership team. 
  • How Ellie put her HR and business skills to good use, volunteering for a charity that helps protect vulnerable children in Africa.

Feel free to connect with Ellie on LinkedIn, and you can check out Oodle Car Finance’s career opportunities over on their website.

Resources mentioned in this episode (lots of cool low-cost/free tech):

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