episode 2 - big fish, small pond recruiting with Carrie Daniels (Animal Friends)

This episode is an interview with Carrie Daniels, Talent Acquisition Manager at Animal Friends (365 staff).

Carrie grew up in South Wales, where she scoured Monmouthshire for prized rocks and dreamed of becoming a geologist. Her post-uni career then got off to a rocky (sorry) start, as she found herself knee-deep in statistics in her role as a data analyst. She then entered recruitment by managing a graduate scheme at a major law firm, before several internal promotions and a few external career moves led her to where she is now: heading up recruitment at Animal Friends.

Animal Friends is a fast-growing insurance company and a big fish in the relatively small pond of Amesbury, Wiltshire (near Stonehenge).

As always, we covered plenty in this episode:  

  • Getting rid of the paper-based tests to make candidate experiences more fun.
  • Building a great process to move quickly for high-volume contact centre recruitment.
  • How Animal Friends’ strategies take them out into the local community – we talk heading down to local libraries and doctors surgeries to hand out flyers.
  • Getting creative. Taking chances. Doing the obvious but often overlooked stuff – like putting a big pink banner down the side of your car park to say ‘we’re hiring’!
  • Are CVs going to stay as relevant in the fast-paced world of recruitment we’re moving into?

Feel free to connect to Carrie on LinkedIn, and if you’re interested in career opportunities with Animal Friends, just head over to their website.

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