episode 13: What the tech sector can teach us about recruiting with Max Encke (Eigen Technologies)

This episode is an interview with Max Encke, Talent Acquisition Lead for Eigen Technologies (c.150 staff). They are a fast growing tech company working in the machine learning sector.

This episode was recorded remotely during lockdown and we discussed:

  • Some of the sustainable changes that Eigen are looking to make to their business to increase diversity and inclusivity.
  • How they are partnering with Tech Returners a company who helps people who have taken a career break, perhaps to look after children or a relative, get their career back on track.
  • How by networking and building out his personal brand on LinkedIn and beyond, he was able to secure a new role in the UK whilst still being based in Australia.
  • How being hired remotely from Australia reinforces for him, how important the consistent communication is important to provide the “vibe check” to candidates who are thinking of joining your but have met anyone from your company or visited your offices.
  • Eigen’s nine company values and why this is mathematically the right number of values for the business.
  • How to cut through the noise and ensure that candidates you are approaching are willing to talk with you.

You can connect with Max on LinkedIn, and information on Eigen Technologies careers can be found here: https://eigentech.com/careers

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