episode 12 - proactively reactive recruitment with Julia Seymour (Sigma Financial Group)

This episode is an interview with Julia Seymour, the Group Resourcing Manager for Sigma Financial Group (c.500 staff). Most of their recruitment is based around customer service/call center staff to work on client campaigns.

This episode was recorded remotely during lockdown and we discussed:

  • How she loves designing new recruitment processes for each different client they work and how she has to motivate herself to document these same processes (Julia is like me, someone who struggles with high detail admin tasks).
  • Her approach to recruiting for her team and how she looks for a range of different skill sets.
  • How she needs to be recruiting in a “proactively reactive” manner so that she is always ready to respond to the recruitment needs of the business once a new client is won and a new campaign would start within weeks.
  • Building the recruitment function with scratch and how she decided on what the priorities were
  • Managing the onboarding process now everyone is working remotely.

You can connect with Julia on LinkedIn, and information on Sigma Financial Group careers can be found here: http://www.sigfin.co.uk/work-for-us/

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