episode 11 - job seeker tips with Adrian McDonagh (hireful)

This is the second of Adrian’s solo episodes. With more and more people being made redundant and others feeling that their job might not be secure, we thought it’s about time to do an episode on a few job-seeking tips. This episode is not specifically aimed at recruiters, so feel free to share with anyone who is looking for a new opportunity and might need some help.

This session will cover:

  • What recruiters want and more importantly, don’t want to see when reviewing your CV
  • How to upgrade your LinkedIn profile so you are ready to make a great first impression
  • The most common mistake that active job seekers make on LinkedIn
  • When and how to follow up with recruiters
  • How to network productively on LinkedIn

If you like your job-seeking training more visual, then we would also recommend these training videos, Adrian recorded: https://hireful.co.uk/job-seekers/advice/

Finally, we are running a jobseeker surgery on LinkedIn once a fortnight on Tuesday mornings (9.30am). This is an opportunity to update your skills and come along to a Q&A with other job seekers. We plan to run this until the end of the Summer of 2020. The details of the next upcoming event will be listed on our LinkedIn Company page, see: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hireful/

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