episode 10 - equality, diversity and inclusion conversation with Baljit Kaur (Innate Consultancy)

This episode is an interview with Baljit Kaur, an Equality and Diversity expert and also founder of Innate Consultancy.

This is another of our “expert” interviews and focused on the subject of equality and inclusion which is very prominent in the news at the moment. This episode was recorded in 2020 and one of the main takeaways is that organisations have been talking about this subject for a while and now they need to start taking action. This is very timely given the reaction to the Government’s recent announcement of another inequality review, when it appears most of the country is keen that we enact many of the recommendations of the previous reviews. Anyway, you will be pleased to hear that Baljit kept the conversation away from the politics of the day and focused on practical steps you can take as an organisation to be more inclusive.

Specifically, we discussed:

  • Why some organisations feel the need to mimic what others are doing. When they really need to identify their unique challenges and look at 2-3 initiatives they can do to address these.
  • How many organisations recruit diverse workforces and then face new issues but not having clear guidelines around subjects like banter.
  • Why some organisations are drawn to focus on initiatives around safer protected characteristics such as gender rather than perhaps taking an approach that would address multiple categories.
  • How we all need to understand that we are all flawed by conscious and unconscious bias and we all need to accept but work harder to be “the least biased version of ourselves”

You can connect with Baljit on LinkedIn, and Innate Consultancy’s website can be found here: https://www.innateconsultancy.co.uk/

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