episode 1 – recruitment adventures with LoveHolidays with Raph Frascogna

This episode is an interview with Raph Frascogna, Head of Talent Acquisition from LoveHolidays (400 staff).

Raph’s journey began on a council estate, where he dreamed of making it big as a hip hop DJ. Logically, then, he moved onto a law degree before entering the world of recruitment. His recruitment career has seen him join forces with a wide range of organisations from the Police Force to Thomas Cook, with a number of interim contracts also in the mix. He’s now plying his trade at Love Holidays, which is where our podcast picks up.

We covered plenty of different subjects in this first episode:  

  • Raph’s approach to using recruitment agencies
  • How he revamped the LoveHolidays referral scheme
  • Failed and successful ATS implementations
  • Videos interviews, Glassdoor, and much more

Feel free to connect to Raph on LinkedIn, and if you’re interested in career opportunities with LoveHolidays, please head over to their website.

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