the SUB1000 recruitment podcast

Our Sub1000 podcast is hosted by the co-founder of hireful, Adrian McDonagh. Adrian has spent the last 10 years travelling the country delivering free training workshops on a range of online recruitment topics, working with HR professionals and recruiters, hearing their issues and challenges.

There are lots of other great podcasts from large organisations telling you how they’re transforming their recruitment. But, what we’ve identified is that for the everyday organisations (companies with below 1,000 staff), hearing about how a multinational company onboards their staff, crafts their employer brand or about their diversity and inclusion strategy isn’t always relevant, actionable or practical.

That’s where this podcast comes in. We’ll share real stories from everyday recruiters and HR professionals who are working for organisations with less than 1,000 staff and face the same challenges as you. You’ll hear real problems solved with practical advice, ideas and strategies shared by your peers.

If you’re a UK based in-house recruiter then feel free to reach out ( if you would like to be a guest on the podcast.

episode 15: recruiter roundtable on recruiting in the new normal

In this episode, Adrian spoke with 3 experienced recruiters on their expectations of what like will be like recruiting in this “new normal”.

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episode 14: recruiting for an entrepreneurial charity with Michael Gilbertson

This episode is an interview with Michael Gilbertson, Recruitment Manager for the Air Ambulance Service.

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episode 13: What the tech sector can teach us about recruiting with Max Encke (Eigen Technologies)

This episode is an interview with Max Encke, Talent Acquisition Lead for Eigen Technologies.

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episode 12 - proactively reactive recruitment with Julia Seymour (Sigma Financial Group)

This episode is an interview with Julia Seymour, the Group Resourcing Manager for Sigma Financial Group.

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episode 11 - job seeker tips with Adrian McDonagh (hireful)

This is the second of Adrian’s solo episodes, full of tips for all the job seekers out there.

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episode 10- equality, diversity and inclusion conversation with Baljit Kaur (Innate Consultancy)

This episode is an interview with Baljit Kaur, an Equality and Diversity expert and also founder of Innate Consultancy.

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episode 9 - hyper-growth recruitment with Matt Birtchnell (Xero)

This episode is an interview with Matt Birtchnell, Talent Specialist at Xero (c.400 UK staff).

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episode 8 - wrestling with onboarding during the lockdown with Simon Connell (Webonboarding)

This episode is an interview with Simon Connell from WebOnboarding.

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episode 7 – Diversity, inclusion and employer branding with Catherine Mayo (Solicitors Regulatory Authority)

This episode is an interview with Catherine Mayo (Solicitors Regulatory Authority)

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episode 6 – background checking with Martin Price (Secure Screening Services)

This episode is an interview with Martin Price, Co-Founder at Secure Screening Services.

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episode 5 - 'work from home recruiting' from Adrian McDonagh

Welcome to the first of a few solo episodes Adrian plans to produce and we’re starting with how to recruit when WFH.

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episode 4 - ‘Values Trump Strategy’ with Sean Greathead (Mapp)

This episode is an interview with Sean Greathead, Director of People & Talent at Mapp (c.310 staff).

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episode 3 - hacking the candidate/new hire experience with Ellie Brown (Oodle Car Finance)

This episode features Ellie Brown – Head of People Ops at Oodle Car Finance (around 300 staff).

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episode 2 - big fish, small pond recruiting with Carrie Daniels (Animal Friends)

This episode is an interview with Carrie Daniels, Talent Acquisition Manager at Animal Friends (365 staff).

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episode 1 – recruitment adventures with LoveHolidays with Raph Frascogna

This episode is an interview with Raph Frascogna, Head of Talent Acquisition from LoveHolidays (400 staff).

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