GDPR-compliant alternatives to using an ATS

Created On 13-Mar-2020 by Deborah Joseph

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is arguably the most important recruitment-related purchase you‘ll make. Now that’s a pretty big statement.

But hear us out; the platform will drive your whole recruitment process, significantly impacting your candidate experience, employer brand, and reporting capacity. Get it right, and you’ll be looking at a multitude of benefits.

how to increase your application rate in 6 easy steps

Created On 09-Mar-2020 by Deborah Joseph

All recruiters know three universal truths:

  1. talent is hard to find 
  2. the rhythm IS gonna get’cha  💃
  3. candidates have more jobs available to them and less time to apply to them

If you’re finding that enough talented people are applying for your vacancies, then you’re luckier than most. Much luckier, in fact. Chances are, you spend far too much time fretting over a lack of quality applications.

10 secrets for reducing your recruitment costs

Created On 06-Mar-2020 by Deborah Joseph

Hiring new staff for your business can be a fun, rewarding process, but it can also burn a hole in your pocket. Not only do you need to take time out of your employees’ busy schedules for screening, interviews, and training, but it can take a few months before your new hire is fully up to speed.

we're hireful. nice to meet you.

Created On 06-Mar-2020 by Deborah Joseph

In February 2020, we became hireful.

You may have known us back when we were EasyWeb, but if not, let us introduce ourselves.