want to get to know us a bit better?

hireful’s the name. But you might have known us back when we were EasyWeb. Whenever we first started getting to know each other, you might not be fully caught up on our story. Well, now we can clue you into who we are and what we’re all about. So it’s time to sit back and let us tell you the story of hireful.

back to the start

We burst onto the scene way back in 1999. In those days when we were all getting to grips with just what the internet could do we were known as Online IT Solutions. This was a pretty fancy name for an IT recruitment agency with just two people behind it. But we more than made up for it with our buckets of enthusiasm. Those were the days of figuring out our business and getting it in the best shape to give our clients what they really needed.

Adrian and Steve

say my name, say my name…

In 2005, it was time for something new. And maybe a new name too. We found ourselves with a small team of 6 consultants selling into vertical markets, and soon they were calling us Verticality. 

2005 Verticality

easy like a sunday morning…

2005 was a big year for us. We wanted to give customers a way to recruit directly through online recruitment campaigns they could afford. So we launched EasyWeb Recruitment – a new division that did just that. Pretty soon, the EasyWeb Recruitment team were all the rage and through supporting 100s of customers every month, they had outgrown the rest of the company. Blimey.

EWG Event

is it worth it, let us work it…

Next up? The year was 2009 and we wanted to give something a bit more to the industry. That’s where EasyWeb Training comes in. We started our free workshops on online recruitment, and soon after launched our webinars too. Every year since, we’ve trained over 1,000 HR professionals and In-House recruiters on a wide range of recruitment topics. And the best part? All this training was totally free. That’s just what we do – we want to help you.

EWG 2009

we’ll keep on movin’ anyway…

Now you might remember 2012 as being all about the Olympics. But another special something happened that year too. What you ask? Well, we developed our own Applicant Tracking System to help you manage your recruitment process better. We called it EasyWeb ATS, and in its first couple of years 34 clients gave it a go. In 2016, we launched a new version of EasyWeb ATS – and by the end of 2019, almost 250 clients had the system implemented.

2012 ATS

it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…

Sometimes you need a bit of the old way. In this case, it meant in 2016 we gave you a dedicated recruitment agency division who could work with you to bring the right people on-board. But we still play by our own rules. Others believe you need to specialise in a sector or be a generalist in a small geographical area to succeed. Not us though. With EasyWeb Agency we’ve seen that the right team rolling up their sleeves can get the job done when helping clients from a wide range of industry sectors all over the UK. By the start of 2020, our team had grown to 10 consultants – all eager to help you find the people who fit into your team.

Mo Recruitment


Taking it one step at a time, in 2017, we made a small rebrand to ‘EasyWeb Group’ to bring all our services together. But, after 14 years as EasyWeb, the name just didn’t feel like us anymore. It was time for something fresh to sum up who we really are. This meant in early 2019 we were ready for a full rebrand that’d also find our new name.

EWG 2017

everything changes but you…

It took us a little while to find the right name – but finding the right fit for organisations is sorta what we do. So – as we’re sure you already know by now – we became hireful. We’re a pretty helpful bunch by nature, and we want to help you hire the right people for your teams. So it ended up being a bit of a no-brainer that this was the name for us.

2020 hireful


Phew. So there’s over 20 years of hireful in a nutshell for you. This is our story of getting stuck-in to grow our business and find new ways to help you with what you need for your recruitment. If you’ve been part of our story – as a client, candidate, or training delegate – we thank you for coming along with us for this epic ride and hope you’ve enjoyed the journey as much as we have. Now it’s time to look to the future and how else we can help you today and tomorrow.

Want to see how we can work together? Get in touch with our team now – they’re always up for a chat.