this lot couldn’t be more hireful if they tried.

These guys. We think they’re pretty awesome, and now you can get to know them all too.

Adrian McDonagh
Sean Maher
Steve Grainger
Co-Founder / COO
Leanne Hayward
Head of Partners
Steph Underwood
Partner Account Manager
Carly Knight
Account Director
Lewis Kingston
Account Director
Jessica Lovell
Account Director
Amy Jenkinson
Account Director
Jon Cox
Senior Account Manager
Jess Brosnan
Head of Client Services / Account Director
Emma Dunkley
Account Manager
Sarah Haigh
Sales Administrator
Matthew Charlesworth
Resource Executive
Amy Beniams
Resource Team Leader
Janis Juhno
Chief Technology Officer
Lester Gibson
Head of Product
Ryan Crosbie
Digital Designer
Jacob Burlington
Junior Product Manager
Jamie Denny
Customer Success Manager
Chloe Garrett
Customer Success Manager
James Croft
Implementation Manager
Kirsty Lee
Customer Support Manager
Becky Key
Customer Support Executive
Tyreece Cherrington
Customer Support Executive
Esther Valle
Customer Support Executive
Alex Lover
Caroline Whiley
Senior Recruitment Consultant
Liam O’Brien
Lead Recruiter
Anthony Smith
Senior Recruitment Consultant
Matt Cortese
Recruitment Consultant
Deborah Joseph
Marketing Manager
Olivia Scott
Senior Marketing Executive
Lena Maher
Events Manager & Executive Support
Caitlin Plimmer
Marketing Assistant
Emily Savva
Marketing Assistant
Sarah Brinkley ACMA, GGMA
Finance Director
Lorraine Pentlow
Office Manager
Rebecca Butts
Group Credit Controller