well, aren't we just full of great ideas?

If you haven’t already seen, we’ve got our own diversity and inclusion audit tool now. We’re pretty proud of it. 


There is no doubt about the fact that it’s incredibly important to have a diverse team, it kind of goes without saying. At hireful, one thing that makes our whole team such a great group of people, is how different we all are! But it’s really common for companies to have a real lack of diversity within their teams (that’s why we’re here to help). 


If you don’t have an inclusive recruitment process, or a diverse team, you’re very likely to find that you’re not attracting valuable talent you need, risking the full potential of your teams. Here at hireful, one of our core values is ‘helpful’ and that’s why we created this really handy resource which allows you to see exactly how diverse you really are as an employer (and the best part is, it’s free). 


You might be thinking “what’s the point? I’m already a diverse employer”. Well, most companies consider themselves to be inclusive and proactive about welcoming women and minorities. However, this perception is often awed and it can be hard to recognise that your company culture or hiring practices are hampering diversity -something we delve into in the D & I report.


In your report, you’ll get a whole load of really useful feedback and suggestions of ways that   you can attract a more diverse set of applicants to your vacant roles. If that sounds like something that’d be useful to you, then you can find our free diversity and inclusion audit tool here: https://bit.ly/3y85g99