returning home

Finally, after the last year and a bit we’ve had… we are returning to the office.

We have been planning this for a while and we can’t wait!

In this time we’ve had people move on to new jobs and new starters who haven’t met everyone yet, it’s going to be exciting and scary for everyone. Rest assured we’ve made the office into a covid safe environment e.g. social distancing, hand gel, and minimizing how many people are coming in by having set days for different teams.

Here’s what a few people have said about returning to the office:

Olivia a new client services apprentice has said “I’m nervous to go back, but I’m also very excited to meet everyone in my team in person for the first time. Also with training, there are a few things that are difficult to do on your own at home so will it be good to go back and get a more hands-on experience.”


Adrian (Co-founder) “I think organisations need to be very careful with how they look whilst bringing people back to the office. Everyone has had a different COVID experience and the key is clear communication and making yourself accessible to each member of staff if they need to talk one on one.”

Wishing our hireful family a safe return to work and hopefully, it’s a new start to a better half of the year.