lockdown with Olivia

During these strange times, we’ve been catching up with our colleagues to hear all about their lockdown stories! Here’s what our Senior Marketing Executive, Olivia had to say…

Describe lockdown in 3 words.

Testing, peaceful, emotional.

What’s been the hardest thing about lockdown?

Living in a one bed flat with no outdoor space… followed by moving house with no one around to help carry the heavy things!!

What’s been the best thing about lockdown?

I’ve enjoyed a lot but my best things have been:

1. Being forced to get stuck in with my crafty side – I now have more homemade pencil cases than I do pencils…

2. Feeling more in touch with people in my life without being together, some of my work and personal relationships have definitely become stronger since the start of lockdown.

3. The walks! – I’ve felt so lucky to live in the countryside during this.

Tell us something funny that has happened in lockdown.

When I became a self-proclaimed hairdresser and well, you can kind of guess the rest. There were some tears but it’s somewhat back to normal now…