lockdown with Lester & Beth

During these strange times, we’ve been catching up with our colleagues to hear all about their lockdown stories! Here’s what our Head of Product Development, Lester, and our Recruitment Consultant, Beth, had to say…

Describe lockdown in 3 words.

Peaceful, home, nature.

What’s been the hardest thing about lockdown?

Getting the working from home set up right took some time. It seemed like a great idea that we could both work in the same room and keep each other company, but Lester’s extremely loud travelling voice and our slightly hollow sounding dining room didn’t allow for that as everyone could hear him more than me. We’ve now both got our own set ups elsewhere and it works much better.

What’s been the best thing about lockdown?

The best thing has got to be that it’s given us time to settle in, we’d only moved into our first house in December, so it quickly got us used to spending more time together and gave us time to make our garden a little bit nicer.

We’ve also had more time than ever before to explore the village we live in and see some parts of nature we probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

We have also both got back into old hobbies, I enjoy baking (so we always have plenty of cake) and Lester has started painting miniature models again.

Tell us something funny that has happened in lockdown.

It hasn’t quite been long enough yet for us to find this story funny, but it is definitely our story of lockdown.

We realised very early on in lockdown that Jackdaws had nested in the chimney, knowing we shouldn’t disturb nature we put up with the loud noises and banging at 5am with the hope that in a few months they’d be gone. In fact, it took an even worse turn when we noticed a bad smell and maggots coming from the chimney. Lets just say it led to Lester begging a Chimney Sweeper to come to our house urgently in the middle of lockdown!

If nothing else, it has taught us a valuable lesson for the future.