lockdown with Leanne

During these strange times, we’ve been catching up with our colleagues to hear all about their lockdown stories! Here’s what our Head of Partners, Leanne had to say…

Describe lockdown in 3 words.

Surreal, relationships, intense.

What’s been the hardest thing about lockdown?

People! As an extravert, I’ve found it really hard not to be around people. I have worked from home for many years, however, under normal circumstances, I am lucky if I get 2 days per week at my desk as my clients and HR partners are spread across the UK so being deskbound since lockdown has been really hard.

What’s been the best thing about lockdown?

I have the BEST relationship with my partners. When we started the partner programme I was really keen to build a community of likeminded individuals and the relationships that we’ve built have always been very strong. Lockdown has strengthened these relationships significantly. Our partners are invited to a Zoom meeting where we grab a cuppa for 30mins every Friday at 11:30 so we can all check in on each other. The highs, lows, laughter, and sharing of ideas and experiences has brought us so much closer together and I’ve loved every minute of our calls. (so much so that I still hosted the coffee morning on my week off!)

Tell us something funny that has happened in lockdown.

A few days before official lockdown my cleaner (who happens to be my mum ????) came into my office whilst I was on a team video call with Sean Maher, our CEO with her marigolds on to collect my office bin and when she saw Sean on the screen rather than turning around to leave she started to step back…slowly, it was like she was moving in slow motion (Bless her!). I then called her back into the room and introduced her to my boss!